Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The following came to me via ASCD news brief. After reading the entire story I left the comment at the bottom of the post.

More students admit to cheating amid pressure to win better grades
As the college admissions process grows more competitive, two of three U.S. high school students admit to "serious" cheating and 90% say they cheat on homework, according to a Rutgers' Management Education Center national survey. "These kids are desensitized in a culture that values the bottom line," says Jason Stephens, an assistant professor of educational psychology at the University of Connecticut who recently won a $400,000 grant to study classroom ethics. ABC News

My comment:
The norms of society are changing. The idea of "coping in not cheating" is taught at the home, school and by peers. Here the point, look at you CD/music and DVD library. Are all the items in your collection originals, or do you have a few burned copies of something? Guess what, your cheating and most teachers even feel that using a "copy" of a DVD for class purposes is OK. I know as a teacher I see it all the time and when I question it boy do I hear it. So what are students to think, coping is OK for my parents, teachers and other adults, but no OK for me. We need to take a hard look in the mirror in this new digital age about this whole idea and what we "teach" to our children.

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