Friday, May 23, 2008

The next step in the Movement

I found this on the ASCD blog

Students in S. Bronx Refuse to Take Test

Almost all of the eighth-graders at South Bronx's Intermediate School 318 chose to hand in blank exams at the end of a three-hour social studies practice test. Refusing to take the test, even a practice test, may mean dismissal for the student's teacher, whom some authorities blame for inciting the boycott, though the students claim otherwise.

Writer and former teacher Dan Brown says the reason we haven't seen more protests like this one is be cause "students have been intellectually and spiritually bludgeoned into submission."

Do you think this sort of civil disobedience is effective? Are kids better served to take the test or walk out in protest?

This is the next step in the movement. See my post from April 25. Steve Dembo took my original post a little farther and even wrote some words. Check his post out here. I am for students organizing themselves and taking a stand on an issue that directly effects them and their right to a quality education. Way to go guys!

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